Any Such Thing as an Owned Mutable Slice?

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I've got a use-case where I want to be able to store byte "arrays" in a Vec where the byte arrays might be of any length that can only be determined at runtime. This playground shows my attempt at a wrapper around Vec that for this use pattern.

struct DynamicVec<T> {
    storage: Vec<T>,
    element_size: usize

impl<T: Copy> DynamicVec<T> {
    fn new(element_size: usize) -> Self {
        Self {
            storage: Vec::new(),

    fn push(&mut self, data: &[T]) {
        debug_assert!(data.len() == self.element_size);
    // TODO: Implement other functions: pop, etc.

impl<T: Copy> std::ops::Index<usize> for DynamicVec<T> {
    type Output = [T];

    fn index(&self, index: usize) -> &Self::Output {

What I'm trying to avoid, though is the Copy bound, which is required to do extend_from_slice.

I found an unsafe way around the copying, but the problem is that it is unsafe because fills data with uninitialized memory:

unsafe fn push(&mut self, mut data: &mut [T]) {
        debug_assert!(data.len() == self.element_size);
        let old_len =;; + self.element_size);
        let (left, right) =;
        right.swap_with_slice(&mut data);

The data argument needs to be a slice because I can't know the size of it at compile time, but logically I want to take ownership of data so that the user can't attempt to use it after pushing it. Is there any way to do that?

No, there are quite a few rfcs to implement &move but none of them went anywhere. For now you could use


I would rewrite your code to this so that you don't put uninitialized memory behind a &mut T (which is likely UB, but that's under deliberation in UCG)

unsafe fn push(&mut self, mut data: &mut [T]) {
    let old_len =;;
        .copy_nonoverlapping(data.as_ptr(), data.len()); + data.len());
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Oh, cool, thanks. :slight_smile:

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