Any shortcut for conditions based on Option types?

I frequently am setting a &str field in a struct based on an Option type that only must be transformed if it is Some

  id: if person.is_some() {
  } else {

In other languages I would (unknowingly) be (probably) cloning to the heap (as a String) when using more concise syntax like:

  id:|p| // goes out of scope

In Rust, once leaving the scope of the map closure id is garbage, so I can't benefit from the conciseness of map with &str type and the alternative if statement is a lot of typing. Is there anyway to get the conciseness of map with the correct scoping of the above if statement while keeping the type of &str for efficiency?

The version with map looks identical to the other version to me, can you clarify what error you are getting about going out of scope?

Option::as_ref is often useful in these situations.

For more specific advice, it would be useful to have a concrete example of a case where your if expression works but map does not. In general, these should be equivalent. For example, in this playground both of them work fine.



You can also use:

if let Some(p) = &person {
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Thanks for all the suggestions, I messed up in my posting, sorry! There is no difference, just my tired eye balls missing details!

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