Any rust library that helps combining multiple images into a video?

I am writing a program that needs to generate a video from multiple images. Sounds like a job for ffmpeg. However, I also need to distribute that program to other computer, which may not come with ffmpeg installed. So I want wondering if there are any rust library that can do this natively, or any other non-painful solution? Thank you.

To help to install ffmpeg to the target machine would be the easiest way to do so, otherwise you may ask to a lawyer first. Many media codecs are under patent and it's hard to say it's legal to distribute them without payment.

The only clear way to be free from the legal issue is to not distribute those media codecs yourself. Let the user download the ffmpeg. Otherwise ask lawyer first.

rav1e is an encoding library written in Rust and assembly for the AV1 codec.


The ffmpeg-sys crate also has an optional feature to statically link ffmpeg into your program.

For ffmpeg I recommend a more actively developed ffmpeg-next.

There's also VP9 supportexample


Is there any syntax or example for me to follow. Specifically, the follow command would fulfill my request:

ffmpeg -framerate 24 -i img%03d.png output.mp4

But I could not find any proper example for the library. If ffmpeg is preinstalled in the machine, I can just pass the command through terminal. However, that's not what really I am after, as I want the program to be distributable. (Preferably with a loyalty free codec)

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