Any Rust implementations of KConfig / KConfiglib?

There is a useful library for Python called Kconfiglib: It implements not only Kconfig handling, but also presenting a nice GUI for configuring options. Is anyone aware of something like this in Rust?

I tried searching on for any libraries related to your question but unfortunately I didn't find anything (I would encourage you to search again, if you haven't, in case my terms were not correct). A search on the inter-tubes didn't help either, I'm afraid. On the bright side, it's a great chance for you, if you want, to head that project. Seems like a golden opportunity to become the go to person for the Rust's implementation of KConfig. How cool would that be?

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Thanks for looking! I should have mentioned, but I did check I figured it would be useful to have some additional sets of eyes on this :slight_smile: .

I think I will work on porting it to Rust.

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