Any recommended learning path for Rust?

I found a bunch of tutorials
The Rust Programming Language
Comprehensive Rust
Rust by Example
The Rust Reference

which should I start?

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The best path surely depends on your background and typical programming activity.

But generally speaking, The Book (your first link) is a good starting point for most people.

I also encourage just hanging out on this forum and

  • asking your own questions if that's your style
  • reading other questions and the solutions
  • trying to answer questions once you're able

It's not everyone's learning style, but participating here has been very beneficial for my own Rust journey.


I am trying to learn using three paths:
The Book
Exercises Rust on Exercism
Developing a project: At this moment I am trying to make a system that grants points in a coffee shop. A reference site is the 500 hundred lines or less The Architecture of Open Source Applications. It is free and it has good ideas.
Even though you could try to follow a course, in my experience, writing your code is the key point to learning any programming language


Try this guide.

I really enjoyed Rustlings, but it sounds like Exercism is a similar thing.

But I would second that it helps to know where you're coming from. For my example, I came from a long history of programming in garbage-collected languages (Python, Scala, Perl, etc), and that meant I had to learn not just Rust syntax, but also the best way to do things in Rust, and which design patterns I was used to that would be Bad Ideas in Rust[1].

  1. Unfortunately I don't have a list of resources to help with that, specifically; I mostly just learned by doing and by reading, including this forum and links from This Week In Rust ↩ī¸Ž