Any interest in a self-hosted meetup platform for Rust?


as some of you may know, I am - besides my work in the rust community team - involved in a Ruby non-profit that runs conferences and meetups and provides software.

One of these is onruby ( ), which is a platform to plan and host meetups. It's far less spammy then meetup, does keep only a little of your data, works with Github/Twitter and allows for session proposal/management. It's currently undergoing a rebrush and will be skinalble afterwards. We have been using it for a couple of years for larger meetups with great success.

It has a drawback: it is not meetup, so it doesn't benefit from meetups spammyness. :slight_smile:

Here's the question: would there be any interest for running an instance of onruby for the Rust community? That doesn't mean that is going to happen next week, I'm just trying to gauge interest.

(obviously, more localization is possible, currently the site is mostly used in de-DE, there is english and spanish currently)


P.S.: Source code and docker images are here: