Any i3 users on here?

I've made a CLI app to perform some useful functions for me - called i3ctl. It's also on so you can install it with cargo install i3ctl.

I was wondering if anyone else uses i3, and maybe has used rust to make stuff for it. I already use i3status-rust, which I love :).

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I am using i3! I even tried i3status-rust, but I didn't found any benefits over i3blocks, and when moving configuration I would like have simpler tools. However I would like very much more useful tolls written in rust for my daily work (for now I am using lsd in place of ls). I will check your tool :slight_smile:

I've just built a simple tool to open a terminal, but if you look at the source, you'll see it's more of a framework, that more functionality could be added to.