Any GC library with weak vector?

The popular gc crate doesn't support any weak form of WeakSet. Is there any crate with this functionality? Or is there a weak vec/set for std::sync::Arc?

I need this for implementing internated strings.

So what you actually need is reference counted strings where you can look up the set of existing strings to avoid duplication?

Yep. It doesn't need to be mark-n-sweep algorithm necessarily.

You can have a hash set that contains an std::rc::Weak to a thing containing the string and a reference back to the set. Then make the thing remove itself on drop.

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Is there a simple example? I don't think I can override the Drop for an Arc/Weak...

The Drop goes on the struct inside the Arc, not on the Arc itself.

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it's interned, not internated.
and you don't need Rc's for it, I managed to make an implementation using only a bimap.
but there's already a very popular crate for string interning: string_interner - Rust

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That could be useful, but I need a custom string type that doesn't store its characters with &str or String.

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