Any experience with Rust on Openshift online?

Hi everyone

I’m getting lost in launching Rust into Openshift online. They offer one free project for trying it out in the starter plan. Generous offer for a hobby project. I’m not sure which strategy to follow, though. The “docker” strategy seems to be explicitly disabled in the starter plan. I’d like to try the source to image approach anyway, but the templates for rust are not available in Openshift online. I also suspect I may need a two stage build with a builder container.

The resources I was able to find are either outdated or cannot be supported on the starter plan or I’m just not getting it.

Would this s2i-rust project help me anyhow? How would I push it to online Openshift?

There’s this outdated page from Openshift mentioning Rust - with cartridges.

I imagine I would use bare rust docker approach. That made me think, that the Go fans would face the same problem as me. Perhaps I could harvest their experience and use it for Rust?

You may not use free openshift online projects with Rust. Free openshift online projects only support predefined and when creating an ImageStream. Rust is not one of the predefined runtime. You may however use Go as the runtime.