Anti-virus deleting my executables

Does anyone have any anti-virus recommendations that are Rust friendly?

I'm currently using BitDefender and in the past fortnight I have had numerous false positives where it deletes my .exe file and prevents me from compiling that crate again until I report it and the signatures get updated within 72 hours.

If I can safely configure BitDefender to be less aggressive on my Rust files then I would be happy to stick with it, otherwise what anti-virus solutions can others recommend?

My recommendation would be to not use anti-virus at all.


most of the anti-virus have a whitelist

you could tell the anti-virus software that your working directory is in whitelist, thus they won't bother you.

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I've had good luck with Webroot SecureAnywhere.

ESET smart security, well worth the price imho. Keeps track of shady web/browser threats as well, And i believe there's 30 days free test version where you can check how it fits your needs.

Thanks for the recommendations. I'm not sure I would be happy running with no protection on Windows, unless you can show me a good reason why, so I'll check out those alternative solutions. I'll also see if I can whitelist my code folders.

The built-in Windows Defender is generally close to, if not at the, top of comparison reviews.

You probably already know all this, but keep in mind that by the time an antivirus runs you're already well into the danger zone: it's a last line of defense, and it's always playing catch up, as opposed to patching and general security hygiene which has the attacker playing catch up. As a result, no AV actually detects all threats out there.


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