Announcing warp: a new web framework


Over the past several months, I’ve been working a web framework in Rust. I wanted to make use of the new hyper 0.12 changes, so the framework is just as fast, is asynchronous, and benefits from all the improvements found powering Linkerd. More importantly, I wanted there to be a reason for making a new framework; it couldn’t just be yet another framework with the only difference being I’ve written it. Instead, the way this framework is used is quite different than many that exist. In doing so, it expresses a strong opinion, which might not match your previous experiences, but I believe it manages to do something really special.

Full announcement at warp - seanmonstar


This reminds me of the Elixir framework Phoenix a bit. Phoenix is built on top of a functional pipeline composed of “Plugs”, which are imbricated functions implementing a contract. It sounds similar to your Filters. Ever looked into it?

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