Announcing the 'sysbar' crate for creating system taskbar / statusbar items...and also looking for help


A little backstory: a few of the bigger projects I want to do with Rust would (ideally) have some sort of system taskbar item component that would have some of the core actions easily accessible there. As far as I can tell, there’s not a great way to do this in a cross-platform manner with Rust (yet), so I put together this GitHub organization and repository and crate in the hopes that we could improve the Rust sysbar story. The project is forked off of the no longer maintained rs-barfly.

Right now, it works on macOS, but I want it to work on other platforms, so if you know what it’d take to get it working on Windows or Linux or something else, I’d be happy to add you to the organization and give you commit access if you want. Also, I think there’s room for improvement with the API. For example, with the current API, one can’t update the text after it’s been displayed, and one can’t create nested menu items.

If you have any ideas or opinions, please share, thanks!