Announcing the Rust video localisation project

Hi everyone (and especially subtiteling-fans!),

@sebasmagri tipped us of on the possibility to subtitle videos on Amara, so we got - with friendly assistance from the Mozilla video-l10n team - us a project there.

So, for any video published on the Rust youtube channel, you can now provide subtitles in your local language.

All you have to do is to create an account at and then join the Rust team. Amara then provides you with a subtitle editor. Subtitles will be synced back to Youtube once you are done. You can also upload subtitles in standard formats, if you prefer a different editor to use.

Also, if you want to work on RustFest videos, there's written, but not time annotated transcriptions here already:

That gives us both the chance to make english content more accessible to people from all around the globe as well as subtitle local content for an english-speaking audience.

Finally, if someone is totally in love with l10n work, there's the option of overseeing the work there, which the rust-community team currently does, but we are always stretched thin.

I created a Github repository that can be used for coordination.



I'd love to help. I can offer German translations and to a certain degree Japanese. I'm sure that a coworker will hrlp out with the latter one.

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Great project! These videos should be part of the list, too.

Only the ones on our channel, sadly. I've tried enough too keep from everyone opening up their own channel for reasons of ease of management, but I cannot offer any services beyond the Rust account.

This currently includes the RustConf and Rust Belt Rust videos, too.

I created a GH repos for coordination/visibility.