Announcing the Rust programming language video channel and the @rustvideos Twitter account

Hello everyone!

A lot of you are waiting for RustFest and RustConf videos. While I don’t have those to announce, you can now subscribe to notifications once they have.

And with that, I’d like to announce the official Rust youtube channel, where we collect conference talks from past and current conferences in one place. It is currently conf talks only.

It currently has a collection of old conference talks.

Also, along with it, there’s a Twitter account, tweeting out new material:

I’m currently the curator of the channel, along with some others of the community team. Questions and suggestions can be posted to, the #rust-community IRC, out Github Issues or any other point of contact you know from us.

Finally, about the RustFest and RustConf videos: I cannot speak for RustConf, but for RustFest and the date for videos is “as soon as the videographer had time to post-process them”, which is always some days more or less. This means that we cannot give a fixed date except “ASAP”. I’m sure RustConf is the same.

Edit: as always, the Rust Language Code of Conduct applies.

Happy hacking,
Florian and the Rust Community team


This is awesome! Is this going to replace/supplement Air Mozilla for things like the live streamed Bay Area Meetup?

You might want to link to playlist page directly, since other ones are empty:

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Thanks, changed it.

There is no relationship with Mozilla Air. Considering that Air uses a Mozilla specific hardware and control setup, there will be no changes currently on either side :).

If someone wants to live stream to this channel, it’s technically feasible, but needs hands.

I’m all for this, I think it’s a good idea. However can you please not use the built-in share to twitter option? These endless “I added a video to a @YouTube playlist” posts are really insipid and lame, and I’m sure most twitter users will ignore them. They are really not something worth resharing…

I agree that it is insipid, but this account is only for signal boosting. I really don’t have the time to tweet out every time I found a Rust video for some conference somewhere and write custom text for it. I’d prefer if I could change the text, but this is the state of things.

Analytics say otherwise, even the ones just pointing to old videos have high click-through rates, even now.