Announcing the Ecosystem Working Group

I’m pleased to announce the Ecosystem Working Group! This group has a fairly loose overarching goal: we want the experience of building and consuming libraries in the Rust ecosystem to be as positive as it can be.

What are we working on? Where can I get involved?

The Ecosystem WG is interested in all things Rust ecosystem! There’s plenty of opportunity to get involved and give your input on what’s important to you as an important part of the Rust ecosystem.

Have a look at the GitHub repository, leave your thoughts on issues, open up new ones, join the gitter channel and say hi! There are a few concrete things on our radar already that all need your support:

Polishing the API Guidelines to 1.0

Please continue logging design questions and contributing to discussion on that repo! See this issue if you’d like to help out.

Polishing the Cookbook to 1.0

Please put your hand up if you’d like to help curate the Cookbook content! See this issue if you’d like to help out.

Maintainership Guidelines

Let’s share our experiences stabilising and maintaining Rust libraries. What tools and tips do you use to maintain your libraries? What challenges do you face trying to stabilise your libraries? See this issue if you’d like to help out.

Set up and support GitHub organisations around stabilising nursery crates

Would you like to help maintain one of these? Are there other libraries in the ecosystem you think could follow a similar stabilisation path? See this issue for getopts and this issue for bitflags.

Blitz some more libz!

Which crates should we focus on? See this issue and leave your thoughts.

Something else?

If there’s something else you think is important please open an issue on the GitHub repository.