Announcing the core+ crate: the I/O and networking batteries for core you never knew you needed

core+ (or coreplus on contains types and traits that make it possible to write libraries that are completely generic on the network and I/O stack available on no_std.

core+ documentation

Aside from a number of networking types (IpAddr, SocketAddr, Ipv4Addr, etc), core+ contains 6 traits that are extremely important for I/O:

All these traits have Error associated types.

There's a lack of standardization around I/O traits on no_std, so I wrote core+ to fix that.


Part of the work that I've been doing for Golioth, my employer for this summer, is writing a Rust client for Golioth that can run on embedded devices. Since it needs internet connectivity, there have been complications about making it generic on the network stack it has access to. embedded-nal is a step in the right direction, but it doesn't expose Read, Write, and their async counterparts, which is the really important part in my opinion.

futures-io exposes AsyncRead and AsyncWrite traits, but only when the standard library is available. Read and Write are exposed for no_std in a couple of different crates, but I think the version in core+ is the most flexible one I've seen.


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