Announcing TensorBase, a modern big data analytics infrastructure in Rust

Hi, everyone in Rust community,

Today, I launch a new project: TensorBase, a modern engineering effort in Rust and C languages for building a high performance and cost-effective bigdata analytics infrastructure in an open source culture.

I have a time long time in the high-performance community, especially the high-performance Java/Scala. TensorBase is the output of my year-after-year thoughts about systems, languages, performance and data.

More about TensorBase's "Who? Where from? Where go?" can be get from this launch post.

AFAIK, although there are several projects in Rust shown in the field of bigdata system, the final goals of TensorBase are largely different. TensorBase is written from scratch in Rust (and its friend C) for architectural performance in the core mind.

Then, thanks to the strong Rust ecosystem and many state-of-art big-bangs, I am proud that the TensorBase milestone 0 already can provide the highest performance in the open-source OLAP world for simple sum aggregations (such as, 6x faster than ClickHouse).

With hitting the comfortable big milestone, it is truly the time to invite more contributors to join us. Rust community, here my coming!

(ps: It seems that I have no enough krama to post in reddit r/rust. I am really appreciated if someone can re-post this to r/rust for making more people knowing it.)


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