Announcing swc_ecma_parser: feature-complete es2019 parser

I’ve uploaded es2019 ast and parser to
Parser is heavily tested and passes almost all official test suite. (See
Also it has rust-like error reporting.

error: 'implements', 'interface', 'let', 'package', 'private', 'protected',  'public', 'static', or 'yield' cannot be used as an identifier in strict mode
 --> invalid.js:3:10
3 | function yield() {
  |          ^^^^^

See rustdoc for usage.


Hi, I’ve been working on something very simillar for my school project. Maybe we could join our efforts

@retep007 It might be a good idea for you to check first if your school will allow that.
Failure to do so runs the risk of resulting in charges of fraud or cheating.

Yes, assignments for school projects are quite versatile. Only condition is that it must be recognizable who did what and it should be fairly complex