Announcing Sucredb - a database made of sugar cubes

Never mind the name or tagline. It's a project I'm working for a while now, though I would share.

Sucredb is a multi-master key-value distributed database, it provides a dynamo style tunable consistent and causality tracking.

Any node that owns a partition (replication factor) can serve both reads and writes. The database tracks causality using vector-clocks and will NOT drop any conflicting writes unlike LWW (last write wins) and other strategies. Conflicts can and will happen due to races between clients and network partitions.


Awesome project!

It looks like you are you thinking of supporting CRDT's? Anything potentially interesting from the Rust perspective on that?

@bluejekyll Yes, I think they're a good fit for this style of database. Providing counters, estimated distinct counts (hyperloglog) and sets wouldn't be hard and the Redis commands/clients are already built.

I'm not sure what you meant in the second question, but Rust overall is a great fit for this stuff, it's very expressive.

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I suppose I was thinking of something along the lines of a CRDT trait. It might look something like this, though I'm sure this is to simple:

trait CRDT {
    type data = T;
    type conflicts = C;

    /// *master* - is what all the data is combined into
    /// *new* - all data is moved from new into master
    /// *returns* - all conflicts during the merge
    fn merge(master: &mut T, new: T) -> C;

And perhaps something like a resolve method to deal with the conflicts? Just spit balling, but this could then be a trait with default impl's for Vec, HashMap, etc...