Announcing rustup 1.1.0


rustup 1.1.0 is out. Upgrade with rustup self update.

This is the first rustup release of the entire year, oh my! After being dormant for a while, this release includes a bunch of really nice fixes and improvements that have been trickling in.

This release adds RLS support in anticipation of RLS becoming part of the release very soon - after an upgrade you will have an rls binary in .cargo/bin, though there are no published toolchains that actually contain the rls yet. I suspect that early adopters of RLS will run into confusion wrt which tool actually owns the rls bin (cargo install or rustup). Certainly after upgrading rustup your rls will not be the rls but a rustup proxy - a fresh install of rls should get back to normal (until the next rustup upgrade). RLS is distributed by rustup because it dynamically links to rustc, and rustup knows how to make that work properly with rustup in a way cargo doesn’t.

This release accepts multiple values to the rustup toolchain, rustup component and rustup target commands, as in rustup component add rls rust-src rust-analysis, which happens to be the invocation necessary to install a full working RLS in this release (once RLS is deployed to nightly). In the future rustup is expected to understand dependencies between toolchain components so only rustup component add rls is required to pull in both rustc-src and rust-analysis. Thank you @durka for this feature.

This release also features a bunch of work on MIPS support, and I’m interested in hearing reports of whether it is working yet. Thanks @xen0n for pushing all that through, and I’m sorry it took so long to deploy.

There is some zsh-specific support for configuring PATH during install (thanks @polonez), which should go a small way toward making rustup’s PATH configuration more reliable.

Beyond that there’s lots of solid bug fixes. Thanks so much everybody who contributed.


Contributors: Aarthi Janakiraman, Alex Burka, Alex Crichton, bors,
Brian Anderson, Christian Muirhead, Christopher Armstrong, Daniel
Lockyer, Diggory Blake, Evgenii Pashkin, Grissiom, James Elford, Luca
Bruno, Lyuha, Manish Goregaokar, Marc-Antoine Perennou, Marco A L
Barbosa, Mikhail Pak, Nick Cameron, polonez, Sam Marshall, Steve
Klabnik, Tomáš Hübelbauer, topecongiro, Wang Xuerui


Oh, there’s another really cool thing in here! rustup now can resume interrupted toolchain downloads. For now it only resumes whole components, but in the next release it will likely resume partial downloads too. Thanks @jelford for making this happen. Great feature.


I like that @bors is a contributor.