Announcing rust-search-extension v0.8! The ultimate search extension for Rust

Hi all!

Near a month ago, I announced Rust Search Extension v0.7 on Reddit and got more than 200 upvotes! Thank you all!! (In case someone missed it, here is the original post.)

Today, I'm so happy to announce v0.8 and along with a new slogan: The Ultimate Search Extension for Rust ! Obviously, we're hoping the extension brings ultimate capability, flexibility, and productivity that every Rustacean could benefit from.

Here is the basic introduction, let me know what you think! Thank you again!

All the major features:

  • Support search std docs
  • Support search builtin attributes
  • Support search error codes
  • Support search top 20K crates [new]
  • Support search official Rust book chapters [new]
  • enhancement (display Feature flags ) [new]
  • Command system [new]
  • Support page down/up easily [new]
  • Support open in a new tab by using Cmd / Alt + Enter [new]

Support search top 20K crates

We bump the crates index size from top 10K to top 20K (more than 35k in total on to help you search crates instantly. You can open the popup page to sync the latest crates index automatically.

What more, you can prefix an ! (exclamation mark) before the keyword to search crates exclusively, prefix !! (double exclamation mark) to open page instead page!

Post image

Support search official Rust book chapters

You can prefix % (percent sign) before the keyword to search all of Rust book chapters on your address bar! The result will show the title of the related page, parent chapter, and grandparent chapter.

Post image enhancement (display Feature flags) don't display the crate's feature flags, which is inconvenient. So we fill the gap.

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Command system

The command system brings a handy set of useful and convenient commands to you. Each command starts with a : (colon), followed by the name, and function differently in individual. Those commands including but not limited to:

  • :help - Show the help messages.
  • :yet - Show all Are We Yet websites.
  • :book - Show all Rust official books.
  • :stable - Show stable Rust scheduled release date in the next year.
  • :history - Show your local search history

Post image

Post image

Page down/up easily

You can press space after the keyword, then increase or decrease the number of - (hyphen) to page down or page up.

Post image

The official website gives you more details and tips about the extension, welcome to check it out.


Rust Search Extension is open-sourced on Github (, welcome to file issue or PR!



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