Announcing PWA for Rust Regex Explanation and Test

Try it:
In the process of learning Regex I needed some human explanation. On the web I found a lot of different Regex Testers.
But then I learned about "flavors". Not every Regex engine works the same. So it could be frustrating to test on something similar, but not exactly the same. This subtle differences are a problem for a newbie.
I needed a tool for exactly the library Regex for Rust:
I decided to make it a PWA - Cross-Platform, offline use. This is a really nice minimal example of how to use Rust with web-sys and wasm-bindgen for Wasm/Webassembly and create a PWA.
There is still few bugs to catch and terminate. I am working on it and on improvements.

I avoided use of frameworks and javascript. The html and css are very basic. Almost a coding tutorial.


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