Announcing OkeuvoLite AI, hash and treat thoughts like math objects

OkeuvoLite is an exciting, groundbreaking AI project you should be part of. It lives here.

It is a library that encodes meaning through the creation of a universally unique similarity hash (for any conceivable meaning) that is robust and repeatable, regardless of how each meaning is constructed (syntax, choice of words etc).
The encoded meaning can be anything; a thought, a feeling, a smell, a texture. However OkeuvoLite is designed primarily to produce hashes for inventions and innovations as part of a radical ecosystem to reward creativity and provide a viable business model for open source projects. You’ll find much more detail in the readme here's a scatter plot of 94,389.synsets from Wordnet;

It achieves encoding by treating meaning as sets of composable functions that can then be manipulated and juggled like your average mathematical item (added, subtracted and so forth) ... an idea becomes a quantity.

Please note that this is not machine learning, but more in the realms of artificial general AI (thinking machines). It is an area where great responsibility is required, therefore the license is pretty strict about enforcing adherence to an ethical code of conduct. Those that accept the ethical code are bound by GPLv2, those who don't are denied access to OkeuvoLite. GPLv2 is the only open source license that can provide the right balance of protection for OkeuvoLites users and deterrence of nefarious types.

I've put up some documentation and the code is also largely documented.

I’m a Rust noob, so it would be great if more experienced coders can look over the code (its already made a sad creature out of Clippy :smile:).

You are welcome to ask questions, criticise, make suggestions or contribute code. Thanks.