Announcing `og_fmt` - Will the real `format!` please stand up?

og_fmt — Will the real format! please stand up?

O.G. Rust Series™ — Rust as it really was

:100:% True Rust · Accept No Substitutes :100:%

og_fmt brings back the legendary fmt! macro! Removed from Rust in
, fmt! is a more primal interpretation of the Rust string formatting
paradigm. Some say that the renaming of fmt! to format! was the
single largest mistake in the history of Rust. We'll never know what
might have been, but we can still recapture a bit of that original
formatting feeling.

Behold! fmt!


extern crate og_fmt;

fn main() {
    let msg = fmt!("Original fmt! is the #{} fmt!", 1);
    println!("{}", msg);

About O.G. Rust Series™

O.G. Rust Series™ — Rust as it really was, restores Rust to its
original design, one crate at a time. O.G. Rust Series™ crates are
derived from the original source code of historical revisions of the
Rust compiler, and provide the most authentic Rust experience
available today.

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Honestly, the most shocking thing to me here is seeing emojii rendered in rust-docs

This is a long-standing thing: