Announcing maple v0.4.0! A new fine-grained reactive web framework in WASM

Some of you might remember my first post about maple: Quite a lot has happened since!

Before we start, I would like to make some shoutouts to other awesome libraries:

  • SolidJS - Main inspiration for maple.
  • Yew - Pioneering WASM web frameworks
  • Trunk - Awesome tooling for building web applications

Now, for what's new in maple. There is a built in way to do iteration in maple now. Node references are also supported. Many reactivity bugs have been fixed.

There is now a completely TodoMVC spec conforming implementation in maple. You can check out the source code here: examples/todomvc as well as a live demo: Maple • TodoMVC.

Oh wait, almost forgot this one. There is a maple documentation website now! You can visit it at except it's pretty empty for now. All the examples are also hosted at
By the way, the maple website is itself build using maple.

There is still a lot of work to be done before I would recommend using maple for anything other than a silly toy scenario.

Areas that especially need more work include: API ergonomics (#11) (especially removing all the Rc::clones), documentation, examples, routing, server side rendering (#47). Many of these areas still need more detailed design. Feedback would be really helpful.

Contributions are really appreciated. Check out the issue tracker here: Issues · lukechu10/maple · GitHub. Pretty much any issue without an assignee is up for grabs.

Full changelog for this release: maple/ at master · lukechu10/maple · GitHub


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