Announcing lets-encrypt-warp

I'd like to announce lets-encrypt-warp version 0.0.7. This is a crate to use Let's Encrypt with warp to very easily serve up a TLS-encrypted website. You just need to be able to serve on ports 80 and 443 on your domain, and then you have to tell lets-encrypt-warp what that domain is. This release is feature-complete and fully functional, but has only been tested for a month or so of actual use. It also still prints to stdout occasionally, which I personally find comforting at this stage of development.

The only major downside to this crate (that I'm aware of) is that it uses acme-client under the hood, and acme-client is orphaned and won't build on a recent linux distribution due to requiring an older version of openssl. But if you're still on Debian 9, then it works beautifully. Or you could pick one of the five pull requests to fix this issue in acme-client. Perhaps I should switch to acme-lib? Advice would be welcome...


And now that I articulated my issue with acme-client, I've just published a new version (0.1.0) that uses acme-lib, which does require you to provide a contact email address in addition to the domain.


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