Announcing keyboard-fireworks, a toddler typing game

I just wrote this tiny game for my two-year-old, who is often wanting to type letters on my computers. It is a text-mode game (using termion for graphics, and rodio for sounds) which adds a bit of pizzazz to a terminal. She likes it pretty well so far, especially since she just saw fireworks for the first time a few weeks ago (and thought they were pretty, but too loud). It's a silly project, but if you have kids of a similar age, you might enjoy contributing (or using it).

BTW, keyboard-fireworks is not on, since it's an end-user application, so just clone my repo and run cargo run -- --help to see your options.

Amusingly, this game is also the debut use of auto-args, which I've written as a replacement for my clapme crate as a command-line arguments processor that derives the arguments from a type (typically one or more structs or enums). I've dropped the use of clap, and now give better help messages, particularly when enums are used for mutually exclusive arguments.