Announcing Gotham 0.3

Hi all, announcing that Gotham 0.3 has been released.
This is an exciting step for us, as it is the first release since the call for maintainers back in May.

We look forward to any feedback or contributions :slight_smile:


Wow, that is a really well-written release announcement!

I think you do a great job of (re)introducing Gotham, with worked examples, and reasoning for why you'd want to do something in that particular way. Nice! :heart:

Also, the improvements themselves look very neat; Great quality-of-life improvements. (especially the static-site server)

specific (small) feedback on the blogpost:

/// ...
/// Due to being shared across many worker threads, the internal counter
/// is bound inside an `Arc` (to enable sharing) and a `Mutex` (to enable
/// modification from multiple threads safely).
/// ...
#[derive(Clone, StateData)]
struct RequestCounter {
   inner: Arc<Mutex<usize>>,

Is there a reason to use the "complicated" Arc<Mutex<>>, instead of an AtomicUsize?
I've repeatedly seen newcomers be confused by the nested wrappers, and for this case, AtomicUsize seems to be perfect;
I guess the Arc<Mutex<>> generalizes better to user-specific adaptations, so there is something to say for it.

Other than that, the State API looks very elegant!

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Thanks for the great feedback @juleskers.
Thanks for the suggestion on the counter example - you're right - the Arc<Mutex<>> was used to demonstrate a general wrapper for newbies to make it easier to understand how to adapt it to user-specific needs. It's a good and valid point that an AtomicUSize would be simpler for the actual use-case though.

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