Announcing genpdf, a user-friendly PDF generator written in pure Rust

genpdf (,,, source code) is a high-level PDF generator built on top of printpdf and rusttype. It takes care of the page layout and text alignment and renders a document tree into a PDF document. All of its dependencies are written in Rust, so you don’t need any pre-installed libraries or tools.

// Create a document and set the default font family
let mut doc = genpdf::Document::new("./fonts", "Liberation")
    .expect("Failed to create PDF document");
// Change the default settings
doc.set_title("Demo document");
// Add one or more elements
doc.push(genpdf::elements::Paragraph::new("This is a demo document."));
// Render the document and write it to a file
    .expect("Failed to write PDF file");

For a complete example with all supported elements, see the
examples/ file that generates this PDF document.

For more information, see the readme and the API documentation.


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