Announcing Finchers 0.12.0-alpha.1

Hello, everyone.

From a year ago, I’m developing a component oriented web framework called Finchers. A few days ago, I released the latest preview version 0.12.0-alpha.1, in order to receive opinions from many Rustaceans.

Several months ago, @seanmonstar released a new (hyper-based) web framework called warp. The goal of Finchers is very similar to warp. For example, this is an asynchronous WAF that returns the instance of Future. Also, It builds Web applications with type safety by combining components abstracted by a trait (it is called as Endpoint in Finchers).

Updates for Finchers 0.12 are as follows.

  • Flatten the type of return value by HList
  • Introduce a helper macro for constructing an endpoint from segments
  • Transit to futures-preview 0.3.0

With the migration to the preview version of futures, Finchers requires the nightly version of Rust compiler. This is disadvantageous in advertising to users using the stable compiler, but I’m hoping that it will be possible to create the advantage of increasing affinity with async/await syntax. Although it is currently in alpha, I’m looking for opinions from many people :slight_smile:



In that case you might want to explain in the readme how Finchers compares to Warp/Tower and what use cases Finchers might excel at.