Announcing Ferium! A multi-source, CLI mod manager for Minecraft

Ferium is a mod manager for Minecraft that can download mods from Modrinth, CurseForge, and GitHub Releases. I was sick and tired of spending an hour searching for mods, downloading them, debugging incompatibilities, etc. I knew mod managers existed but I didn't like them because they could only download from one source, usually CurseForge. Being a programmer, I have the powers to do anything so here is the project I've been working on for many months. Ferium has been around for a while but it could not download mods from CurseForge, which is where most mods are, so I delayed announcements until today. If you would like to review the code, go ahead and leave feedback here. As of now I only have releases for macOS, Linux, and Windows GNU (cygwin)


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