Announcing feed-rs 0.2.0

Kumamoto-san started feed-rs a while ago, but moved on to other things.

He was kind enough to add me as a maintainer last year, but unfortunately I haven't had much time to learn Rust and keep working on feed-rs in the interim.

I finally got around to publishing 0.2.0.

Its my first "real" Rust project - I wanted something a little more than the exercism examples to learn some Rust, so its probably full of mistakes and poor code but clippy seems happy. :slight_smile:

Key changes:

  • 2018 edition
  • Align feed model around Atom spec
  • Switch to event-based parser (xml-rs) to reduce peak memory usage and use of clone()
  • Expanded test coverage
  • Documentation improvements

I do plan on using this in a different project (a replacement for fever, a web+app based RSS/Atom reader that is no longer maintained), so I'm expecting to issue a few more releases to feed-rs to address bugs, handle more of the RSS spec etc.

Happy to take feedback, bug reports, broken RSS/Atom feeds etc at the GitHub repo.



Nice work!

For further readers, crate and repo links are here:

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