Announcing eventstore crate


I’m happy to announce the release of the Rust EventStore TCP client crate.

EventStore is a dedicated event-sourcing database; you can find more information on

That crate works on latest version 4.* EventStore server. The client supports those features already:

  • Write events.
  • Read events (including $all stream).
  • Read/Write stream metadata.
  • Transactions.
  • Delete stream.
  • Volatile Subscriptions.
  • Catchup Subscriptions ($all included)
  • Persistent Subscriptions.

What’s still in WIP:

  • Cluster connection (the base is there, but I need to write the boring HTTP internal communication)
  • SSL (0% done on this, but it’s rather easy to do)

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api docs:

Awesome work! I was actually very recently about to begin using Kafka for a particular project, but now I may end up using EventStore.

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