Announcing Diesel-Async 0.2.0

I'm happy to announce the 0.2.0 release of diesel-async, an async connection implementation for diesel, the type safe Rust query builder and ORM.

This release features improvements of the AsyncConnection::transaction API, by allowing passed closures to borrow data from the surrounding environment. In addition the crate is relicensed under the MIT or Apache 2.0 license. Checkout the Change Log for a complete list of changes.

I still consider this crate as experimental as not all parts of the API are currently cancellation safe. Fixing these issues likely requires support for async drop or a similar feature on language level. I consider transferring the ownership of this crate to the diesel organization if the diesel team gathers additional resources for maintaining this code and we have found a fix for the cancellation issues. Please contribute to these issues if your are interested in these features.


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