Announcing deltoid 0.10.0

I am pleased to announce the release of deltoid 0.10.0.

The library enables delta compression on types, and can e.g. be useful when de/serializing data.

The main highlight of v0.10.0 is that it uses const generics to enable delta compression on arrays of any length; previously this was limited to arrays of length <= 5.

Please note that currently the builds on GitHub are failing, but that is because GitHub hasn't updated to rust 1.51 yet, which stabilizes const generics; It's not due to some compile issue in the deltoid library itself.

You should create a with examples.

Great job though :slight_smile:

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There already is a, but it doesn't show up on because the deltoid crate is in a workspace (i.e. the root of the crate is not the root of the project).
The does show up on its GitHub page though.

As for the examples, great idea! I'll do that as soon as I have some time available.

Can you set link to README in Cargo.toml? So, shows it.

E.g, in my project I added line readme = "" to the section [package] for to display instead of


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