Announcing `cargo-docserve` for building and serving documentation

I've made a little tool to serve your documentation and keep it up to date: It builds your docs, serves them from a port of your choosing (8000 by default), and rebuilds them when the source changes.

There are some limitations (for example it just watches "src", so it ignores cargo-rerun-if-changed in For now I'm not publishing it, but if I get positive feedback I will.


This is very useful !

Especially with --public if the web browser is on a different LAN host

I was surprised this is not part of the standard cargo command set

I would be happy to do a PR for cargo, but I wanted to see what other people said first. If it was part of cargo it could use the internal api which would allow more things. A potential reason for not making it part of cargo is because it pulls in a webserver as a dependency so would make the binary larger potentially