Announcing bigbro crate


I’d like to announce that bigbro has come to rust! Bigbro is a package that enables you to run processes while tracking their file system accesses. Bigbro has previously existed purely as a C library, which I have just “ported” to rust (with the heavy ptrace lifting still done in C). It has an interface similar to that of std::process, but somewhat tweaked. The API is still in flux, so feedback is welcomed!

The port of bigbro is a first step in getting my language-agnostic build tool, fac ported to rust.

In case there are any rustaceans out there who would be interested in contributing to bigbro, it is currently linux-only. A port to Mac OS or Windows would be most welcome. Even the beginnings of such a port would be welcome! I have no machine running either of those operating systems, so porting is challenging for me. Fair warning: tracking file system accesses is hard on any platform, and naturally not at all cross-platform.