Announcing actix-raft: Raft distributed consensus implemented using Actix

Hello everyone!

I'm stoked to announce the actix-raft crate. It is an implementation of the Raft distributed consensus protocol in Rust using the Actix actor framework. The intention here is to provide a backbone for the next generation of distributed data storage systems ― systems like SQL and NoSQL databases, KV stores, streaming platforms &c.

Along with the initial release, there is a comprehensive guide with code examples, discussion, and recommendations on how to build a robust data store using this Raft implementation. Of course, the crate's docs are up on as well.

This implementation of Raft is fully asynchronous, driven entirely by actual Raft events. All interfaces for sending input to and receiving output from Raft are well defined, along with implementation guides.

Give it an eye, let me know what you think. I'm excited to see what we can build.