Announce: rust crate, converter and clock for proposed new date time units and format: veeks and millis

As for my hobby, I think about date-time a lot.
And most of us programmers have had hard times with this topic.
So I have a proposal on how to make it better for modern digital human civilization.
Digital means "more numbers, less names". Numbers get meaning from the unit of measure as we learned from SI - metric International System of units.
I would appreciate comments and discussions on Github new feature Discussions.
The code is all in Rust.

I know most people have strong ideas about the current situation and that not everybody is willing to change it.
The library crate veeks_millis is here:

A wasm PWA converter fot the new format is here:
You can try the converter (rust, wasm, PWA) on your mobile device here:

A clock wasm PWA with new units is here:
You can try the clock here:

Interesting. Sounds like a change for change sake. What practical benefits does this provide?

GMT/UTC has been working well for us for a long time.

Big numbers, at least up to a hundred are no problem for anyone. Heck wasn't it the Babylonians that worked in base 60.

  1. The benefits are similar to what happened when the imperial units and other regional/national units were replaced with the metric system of units. They are global, consistent, unambiguous, easily convertible, easily expressed in smaller and bigger denominations. It is easier to learn them and easier to calculate with them. All scientists in the world today use the metric system.
    And a big majority of the common world population. The USA is a strange exception, as for many things.
  2. The date/time units/formats today are not global. There is a lot of different ways to express them and it is confusing and inconsistent. Programmers that must create a global app for the whole world know how many different formats there are.
  3. 95% of people in old civilizations were farmers. They didn't know how to count to 60. They used to count to 12 (dozen). 12 months or 12 hours. The minutes were never expressed in numbers, but in fractions of the hour: one-quarter, half, three-quarters. Also, the days in the month were not counted one-by-one to 30 instead, they used the New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Third Quarter to get closer to weeks. And then the 7 days of the week. The big numbers were used only by the ruling and intellectual class. Today is different. Most of the children in the world go to elementary school and learn numbers. Today numbers are everywhere and everybody is in contact with them constantly. That was not the case in the distant past.

Note: General questions and comments (especially about the Rust implementation) are suitable for this forum, but please please don’t make me moderate a debate about calendar reform. Specific issues about proposed world time standards should be directed to the linked GitHub repo.


Github has this new feature Discussions.
I am copying this posts there:

We can continue the discussion there.
Thank you.

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