[ANN] cellsplit - tool for Matlab programmers

Today I released my command-line utility for Matlabbing Rustaceans (I'm sure there are dozens of us!): cellsplit. It's one of those tools that I wrote for me, to get my research done by the deadline, and finally got around to sanding down the rough edges in case it might be useful to anyone else.

Matlab supports writing scripts in a "cell mode" which is sort of like an IPython notebook, but you just split a script file into cells by writing specially formatted comments, and then you can run one cell at a time from the Matlab editor. You can also "publish" such a script and it formats the code and results more like a notebook.

I have two problems with this: I like to write code in Vim, and I like to run my machine learning code on remote servers where I can't use the Matlab editor, but cell mode is really useful for iterative development. As an aside, Matlab has a nice feature where you can set it to break into the debugger on any error, but it can get wedged when that happens during execution of a single cell.

Anyway, cellsplit solves the problem by exploding the script into a sub-script for each cell, so you can run each individually. You can even edit the sub-scripts and have them reassembled. I'm thinking about ways to integrate it with editor plugins, so you can have the full cell mode experience without using the Matlab editor at all.

Let me know what you think, how terrible my parsing code is, or if there are any other Matlabbing Rustaceans out there.