[Animation] Modulator crate

I would like to shed some light of the amazing work of Andrea Pessino on modulator. The crate is, I cite,

A trait for abstracted, decoupled modulation sources

I highly suggest to take the time to watch the accompanying video in the README. He also made an app to explore the possibilities offered by the crate.

High-quality work in my humble opinion! Hope you find it as mind-blowing as me! Kudos to him!


In all my astonishment, I did not realize that it was featured in the Crate of Week section of this week article.

Wow, the first few spoken lines in the video … How serious must one be about animating a triangle in a pentagon? That’s one way to grab your audience’s attention right away. LOL I love it!

The crate itself might be useful for one of my projects. The video makes it seem like a combination of the drawing primitives of agg with tween primitives and modulators. Looks great!

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Hey, animating triangles and pentagons is a jolly good time. :wink:

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Thank you so much for your kind words!

No problem! I’m going to be keeping an eye on this crate, for when I pick up the game dev bug again.

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