Android targets having significantly larger text size

So I compile my binary for target x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu and the text size (as shown by 'size ') is like 500KB, and I compile the same thing for x86_64-linux-android target and now the size is suddenly 3Mb !! Why is the difference, even the architecture is not changing !

Also note that this is my setting - trying to see if that helps in anyway - but the 500K Vs 3Mb difference is with all this setting on

opt-level = "z"
lto = true

Do your dependencies use any C libraries like OpenSSL that might be linked differently on different platforms?

cargo-bloat might help determine what is taking up space in the binary.

Based on your previous question, your binary includes a statically-linked copy of OpenSSL on Android but not on other platforms.

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Sorry I forgot to answer to this one, yes the reason was that native-tls ends up compiling openssl on Android and statically linking it (can't believe android refuses to provide a tls lib!!!) whereas on apple they provide a linkable tls lib. Sorry about the false alarm

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