Amazon announces Bottlerocket, an OSS Linux distribution based on SELinux with heavy use of Rust


That´s great news! That it reached maturity for an official annoncement.

Thanks for sharing. One of the open questions I had in my mind was which Linux distribution I would use, and this is a good candidate.

Keep in mind is that the sole purpose of the Bottlerocket distribution is to run containers. It doesn't have even sshd outside from the containers so the only way to do anything is to deploy some containers.

They says this distro by default provides an admin container for daily sysadmin task. If you set this container's distribution as Bottlerocket, it would be an infinite recursion of containers.

Sounds like a potential headache if I'm being honest. Let's hope I'm wrong on this one.

I posted the announcement because it appears to be a significant investment by AWS in Rust, not just because it directly provides a more-secure Linux distribution. From the announcement:

This distribution is MIT/Apache-licensed OSS, so perhaps other Rustaceans could take it from there and build a version not focused solely on AWS containers.


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