Alternative to egui

Hey guys, I really think egui is cool but the issue is is that it is immediate and not caching capabilities.

I was wondering if either there was an alternative to egui that is similar to it but it has caching capabilities or if it is some how possible to use caching capabilities with egui without it getting too complex?

This kind of depends on which data needs caching. If it's something like application state, then try using a custom struct for each "part" of the application, and store the state within. Then, implement the App::update method from epi epi - Rust, redrawing from the new state each time. IDK if this helps – If the gui output from egui needs caching, then this might not be the answer...I don't think I've found anywhere that egui exposes the triangle data it draws.

Some alternatives (in various stages of development)

  • iced,
  • Azul <- this one seems to do caching
  • sixtyfps
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