Alternative notation for mathematical functions?

Is there a crate that provides function versions of f64 methods? I'd like to be able to write, e.g., sqrt(x) instead of f64::sqrt(x) or x.sqrt().

Google returns the one with predictable name.

It doesn't look too popular, though.

It's probably an overkill to use a crate for it. You can make these yourself:

fn sqrt(x: f64) -> f64 {
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Why not just implement root function?

fn root(x: f64, base: f64) -> f64 {
    unsafe {
       core::intrinsics::powf64(x, 1.0 / base)

There are dozens of methods on f64 and I'd rather not write a trivial function for each one. I just used sqrt as an example.

Sorry, my answer wasn’t for you. Anyway I recommend to use methods because it’s just more stylish and readable in most cases (we unfortunately don’t have a pipe operator)

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