All the Rust swag


I have made an unofficial rustacean t-shirt with glow in the dark print :flashlight: and another interpretation of ferris the :crab:
The source for the crab illustration is


Found this one Rustlang Teespring


I’d like to see the caption In mod we Rust on a shirt :grin: Maybe the “o” as gear or the “R” as the official logo … or a sytax highlighting of “mod”, “in” … whatever looks appropriate.

Maybe there’s a catchy one-liner within the “Quote of the week”.


That would be a great label for Condoms either :innocent:


You really want to have fast and concurrent on your condoms? :wink:


I’ve updated the OP with the new links.

For some reason disappeared due to ‘content issues’.


@matklad, the Doge-in-the-gear refers specifically to the Servo project ( I think I have perhaps half a dozen stickers of it left, somewhere… :slight_smile:


Is there any interest in the 3D-Version of Ferris*?

It’s currently endemic to my backpack, but I think it can be reproduced on demand as I have a personal relation to its creator :grin:

  • can someone confirm the name and the status of a mascot?


@fyl2xp1 Cooool. I’d like one if the artist is wiling to make and ship more. I’ll happily pay a modest fee for any unique Rust paraphernalia.

Its name is Ferris and it is a beloved unofficial mascot.


I’m willing to double your worship for the equivalent hoodie.


There’s a new ferris T that I’ve added to the op.


I missed the deadlines on for both the toddler’s tee and baby bodysuit (was on vacation). Any possibility that those be extended?


That’s adorable! He’s the official unofficial mascot and is widely recognized as belonging to the project.

I’ve done a much less real-crab-shaped version and posted the pattern here, as well.


I like the 3D-approach for the back-spikes.
Your version definitely gets a 10 out of 10 rating regarding cuteness :relaxed:!
Did you manage to add the missing pair of legs?


Just a quick announcement that DevSwag (a non-profit for open source swag) now has a couple of new Rust t-shirts, riffing on the RustConf theme:

The gray shirt is cheaper due to an error in the color production; a different set of gray shirts will appear soon.


@zen3ger posted this cool heart logo that could provide swag inspiration.


Thank you for mentioning :slight_smile:
Here’s a link to the .svg with all the components as a single object or separate.


Here’s a new bors svg which I am using for stickers.



I converted the op to a wiki so everyone can edit.