Alibaba Dingding Document Team Recruitment! !

Alibaba Dingding Document Team Recruitment! !
Committed to building the strongest document product in the Eastern Hemisphere, from enterprise-level nail-disk file storage solutions to three-piece traditional office products such as Word, Excel, and PPT, and then to collaborative brain maps, flowcharts, sticky notes, whiteboards, online forms, etc. Innovative products, there is unlimited space waiting for you to create~
The current team is hiring P6, P7, P8 front-end, Java, and Rust positions.

Direction One (Development of Format Analysis):
Unlimited technology stack (Java, FE, Rust, Typescript, etc.)
Rust experience is preferred
Experience in format analysis research and development is preferred
Those who are interested in format analysis research and development are preferred

Direction two (server development):
Technology Stack (Java)
Server-side development for more than three years is preferred
Experience in distributed and high concurrency is preferred

hc is very sufficient, excellent treatment, and a lot of room for chat
The development prospect of cloud nail integration is broad
Good working atmosphere, especially humane
Welcome everyone to contact me enthusiastically~

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