AIR comparison opinions to Godot Engine and Unreal Engine

Rust is:

  • a language with robust API reference documentation;
  • a language with a flexible package manager,
    • that allows for workspaces and file system local dependencies (similiar to NPM's "someLibrary": "file:../someLibrary; in Cargo, some-library = { path = "../some-library" })
  • a language with a LSP that re-builds dependencies on package manifest update.

AIR is a derivative of the Flash Platform which features rich customization options when working with display objects, but unfortunately, for new developers that do not use the dropped Apache Flex, the experience of working with ActionScript is obscure due to legacy compiler and unmaintained libraries (tweeners, WebSocket, cryptography and more). ASDoc is being an obscure experience compared to the easeness of RustDoc.

Be aware that AIR is a great facility as it implements a plethora of things, including native extensions (ANEs) for Android, iOS and other platforms (work by Distriqt).


  • Like I said, AIR supports native extensions (ANEs). Anyone can develop them, but Distriqt does most of them. I'm wondering if Rust could target an AIR native extension?
  • AIR did get a package manager from the Samsung HARMAN company (APM), but it is not IDE-equipped yet, nor does it provide the same benefits from Cargo at all, such as building SWFs/SWCs with an easy build command, IDE refreshes on manifest update, local
    file dependencies and workspaces, which difficults bringing in new libraries, specially these that are split into more projects due to using a worker (cryptography case).

I'm wondering if it's possible to use Rust for AIR somehow? Developing a new language or enhanced compiler is complicated specially due to the complicated introductions in the type system (record types, type inference, generics etc.).

I see that Godot Engine has a Rust community effort and Unreal Engine (UE) has a Rust prototype effort, but I would prefer to use AIR due to its rich and high-level APIs.

If you haven't already seen AIR, here are relevant links:

It'd be very nice if Rust could be used as a language for AIR :frowning: I'm really sorry for constantly posting about AIR, but I'm having a difficulty to use AIR with ActionScript and I'm not excited either. If not possible, I'll just give up on my game project for now then...

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