Agera SDK updates

I've previously started working in a SDK in a few segments. I didn't play with the timing API previously, but at least it was building at compile-time for the native and web targets.

About naming: I've renamed this SDK several times. I'm trying Agera now to see if it draws more attention. Google Translate outputs "Act" given "Agera" when using [Detect language] to English.

About RIAs: According to Wikipedia, RIAs are now more referred to as progressive web applications. A progressive web application is more often an application using a WebView and existing web technologies, including often bundle technologies such as Parcel, Webpack, Rollup and Vite. Agera SDK is different from these common in that it does not use a WebView but rather native capatibilities such as OpenGL (or WebGL) for graphical experiences.

Resuming the SDK from my current repository:

Develop rich internet applications robustly through Agera SDK.

The Agera SDK is being built in the Rust language. However, unlike other Rust frameworks, it does not require knowledge of the Rust ecosystem: the framework bundles all necessary dependencies into the application.

// Everything common to Rust programs
use agera::common::*;

// Everything common to the entity-component-system.
// Agera SDK uses `bevy_ecs` for the entity-component-system
// and adds several operation traits to Entity.
use agera::ecs::common::*;

agera::application::root(); // Entity
agera::application::root().spawn_child(()).id(); // Entity

Development progress

Agera is still in development, therefore it is not released yet. It should feel similiar to Adobe AIR or Flash Platform, but using the entity-component-system pattern and containing additional built-in features.

Previous code:


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