Advanced Rust Course

Hi all,

I am looking to find out if there are any advanced courses on Rust that would cover the following areas? I am aware these are covered in the Rust programming language book but it would be good if there was a course that could be used alongside personal development

Generic Types, Traits, and Lifetimes
Functional Language Features
Smart Pointers
Fearless Concurrency
Patterns match the structure of values
Advanced features

Thanks in advance


I can make youtube videos on anything you want.

what would you like to see first?


I'd like to see fearless concurrency. :grinning:

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Not so much a course, but there is a great series of live-coding streams by @jonhoo covering concurrency, lifetimes, traits, pattern matching etc which I have found very informative. See:


I would love to see a lengthy detailed guide exploring various idioms that lead to borrow checker complaining and how to get around it while maintaining performance. The 'too many linked lists' book is an interesting take on that, but when I'm writing my own stuff, especially being new, I run into it a lot and while copying/cloning gets me through it, it still leaves me wondering what/if i can do better.

Thanks for the mention! I have had half a mind to do an advanced course type thing, but would need to somehow find time for it and find appropriate examples to work through.